Finding my creative voice

paint and weave

I’ve been using a workbook by Ruth Singer on finding your creative values and artistic voice so I’m recording the outcome here – inevitably a work in progress. It’s an attempt to distil my teeming mass of thoughts, feelings and beliefs into some kind of clarity, to help me understand what’s at the core. Partly description and partly aspiration, I hope this will enable me to make choices that nurture my creative voice.

Explorer of layered worlds, mantled with colour, veiled in wonder
Quiet curator of small delights
Lover of ancient things
Weaver of words and webs

Gatherer of fragments
Maker of unruly connections

Listening to the subtle, generous voice of cloth
Musing on the rituals of home and the beauty of use
Wandering the ragged edges of perplexity in the presence of the holy
fragments of cloth

Memory Fragments, 2008

The workbook is a resource in Ruth Singer’s Maker Membership.

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