Hiding and emerging, Weaving a Story 2

Hiding and emerging, Weaving a Story 2

The meaning-making ideas I explored in the first Weaving a Story course were exciting and I thought I would continue with them, but in fact what emerged from the second course was quite different. It began with a story: two characters – vibrant Yellow and shy Snail – had made their way onto the page as I listened to these words during an online retreat.

‘Now I am revealing new things to you, things hidden and unknown to you’.

Isaiah 48:6

So when Anastasia Azure suggested that we might build a storyboard by choosing two ‘characters’ to combine in an interesting way, I felt as if my characters had already chosen me. My essence words: Shining Hidden Delight.

digital storyboard
All the snail pics are from the Flickr Creative Commons (attributions and licence links here). The rest are my own.

My final piece was (is) an ongoing, snail’s pace participatory project: Tiny Little Encouragements. Three aims developed as I journeyed through Weaving a Story 2: send beauty into the world, celebrate tiny things, and practise emerging. So I wove a series of tiny bags, playful with colour, and incorporating both small treasures and scraps that might otherwise be wasted. They became containers for words of courage and comfort, through which I hope to touch people and inspire them to make and send their own tiny little encouragements.

hand weaving

Things I’ve been learning along the way:

  • An imaginative design process
  • A little bit about repp and block weaves
  • Let go of outcomes
  • How to spin yarn from plastic bags
  • A group of artists can be a home like a snail shell
  • Warping with two layers, six setts, and lots of colours
  • I can act to be confident even if I’m not confident to act
  • How to coil tiny spirals
  • Hiding and shining are both OK
words of encourgement

As I reflect on this project I notice that there’s something of Brigid’s generous spirit there, something of her heart in my desire to make something that sustains, and share it freely. It appeals to me, her way of multiplying butter and beer and bacon from the bits that are left, so that no-one goes without. Like Jesus did with the bread and the fish, and the wine of course. And the way Brigid’s mantle grows and enfolds a wide land. Crumbs too small to notice becoming visible and life giving. Moments of joy weaving their way into a time of struggle. Scraps of text and textile combining to form something new from what is unknown.

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